Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

We use access to modern lasertube 3D cutting technologies in FIBER fiber technology using machines from renowned brands such as: DNE, BYSTRONIC, BLM GROUP, MAZAK SPACEGEAR.

We provide high precision cutting of pipes and profiles in any geometry, obtaining uncompromising quality of the edges of the processed material.

We provide 3D cutting services in round, square and rectangular pipes with a diameter of 12 to 340 mm, length max. 6500 mm and weighing up to 40 kg made of the following material:

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles
Thanks to the versatile use of modern laser cutting technology in 3D space and high-power devices (up to 4 kW), we can fulfill even the most demanding customer orders in the area of ​​hydroformed, bent, stamped and die-cast elements.
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